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§3-707: Voluntary registration by political committees

1. Candidates may accept contributions from political committees that choose to register with the board, as provided in this section. The board shall issue rules providing for such registration. Such contributions may not exceed the amount applicable under paragraph (f) of subdivision one of section 3-703. The board shall regularly publish a cumulative list of political committees that have registered, including on the internet and in periodic mailings to candidates.

2. It is the responsibility of the candidate to determine whether he or she may accept a contribution pursuant to this section. A candidate who receives a contribution from a political committee that has not registered with the board prior to making the contribution shall either return the contribution to the contributor or pay to the fund an amount equal to the amount of the contribution, unless the political committee registers with the board within ten days after the publication of the next subsequent list of registered political committees by the board following the date the contribution is received.