Rule 10-03 Publication and Distribution

(a) The Board will publish printed Voter Guides in English and Spanish, and in such other languages as may be required by law. The Voter Guide will be distributed by mail to each household in which there is at least one registered voter eligible to vote in the primary or general election, as the case may be, in the City.

(b) The Board will produce an online Voter Guide in English and make the translated versions of the printed editions available online.

(c) The Board will make all reasonable efforts to produce a video edition of the Voter Guide for citywide elections, and will seek partners for the production, marketing, and broadcasting of video editions of the Voter Guide. The Board will post online the scripts provided pursuant to § 10-02(b)(2)(iii), along with translations of those scripts into Spanish and such other languages as may be required by law.

(d) Any conflicts related to the submission or public release of candidate print or video statements will be decided by the Board’s Executive Director or his or her designee.

(e) All decisions with respect to any edition of the Voter Guide, including resolution of conflicts, made by the Board, its Executive Director, or his or her designee are final.

(f) The Board retains ownership of, and distribution rights to, all Voter Guide content, including candidate statements. Unedited candidate statements may be republished or broadcast with the Board’s permission.