Rule 11-02 Registration.

(a) Before any private funds are raised or spent for transition or inauguration into office, the elected candidate shall register each entity created and authorized to accept donations and loans, and make expenditures, for transition and/or inauguration into office on behalf of the elected candidate. The failure to make this registration in a timely manner is a violation of §3-802 of the Code, and subject to penalty thereunder.

(b) The registration shall be submitted in such form and manner as shall be provided by the Board and shall contain all information required by the Board, including: (i) the name and address of the elected candidate and of the entity, and the date the entity was created; (ii) the name, address, and employer of the treasurer (or other officer authorized to sign the registration) and of the liaison of the entity; (iii) information about the entity's bank accounts; and (iv) any signatures and notarizations as may be required by the Board; provided, however, that, to the extent that the Board permits an elected candidate to submit the registration in a non-electronic format, such registration will only be accepted by the Board if it contains an original notarized signature from both the elected candidate and the treasurer or other officer of the entity designated to sign the periodic disclosure reports required by Rule 11-03.

(c) The elected candidate shall file a separate registration for each separate entity authorized by the elected candidate to raise and spend private funds for transition or inauguration into office.