Rule 12-08 Docketing the Case at OATH.

(a) Only cases referred to OATH must be docketed.

(b) Only the Board may docket a case at OATH. Following service of the petition upon the respondent, the Board shall docket a case by delivering to OATH a completed intake sheet, with a petition and appropriate proof of service of the petition.

(c) When a case is docketed, OATH shall place it on the trial calendar, the conference calendar, or on open status. Cases involving the same respondent or respondents shall be scheduled for joint hearings or conferences.

(d) When a case is docketed, it shall be given an index number and assigned to an administrative law judge. Assignments shall be made and changed at the discretion of the chief administrative law judge of OATH or his or her designee, and motions concerning such assignments shall not be entertained except pursuant to Rule 12-09.

(e) After docketing the case at OATH or selecting a hearing date, the Board shall serve notice of hearing, if a hearing date has been selected, and a notice of conference, if a conference date has been selected, within five business days. The notice shall be served by first class mail or electronic means, and appropriate proof of service shall be maintained by the Board.

(f) A conference or hearing shall be scheduled for a date that is at least two weeks after the date the answer must be served and filed.

(g) The administrative law judge may determine that the case is not ready for a conference or hearing and may adjourn the conference or hearing, or may remove the case from the conference or hearing calendar and place it on open status.