Rule 12-14 Pre-Hearing Motions.

(a) Pre-hearing motions shall be consolidated and addressed to the hearing officer as promptly as possible, and sufficiently in advance of the hearing to permit a timely decision to be made. Delay in presenting such a motion may, in the discretion of the hearing officer, weigh against the granting of the motion, or may lead to the granting of the motion upon appropriate conditions.

(b) The hearing officer may in his or her discretion permit pre-hearing motions to be made in writing, by electronic means, or orally, including by telephone. The hearing officer may require the parties to submit legal briefs on any motion. Parties are encouraged to make pre-hearing motions, or to conduct preliminary discussions and scheduling of such motions, by conference telephone call or by electronic means to the hearing officer.

(c) Motion papers shall state the grounds upon which the motion is made and the relief or order sought. Motion papers shall include notice to all other parties of their time pursuant to subdivision

(d) of this section to serve papers in opposition to the motion. Motion papers and papers in opposition shall be served on all other parties, and proof of service shall be filed with the papers. The filing of motion papers or papers in opposition by a representative who has not previously appeared shall constitute the filing of a notice of appearance by that representative, and shall conform to the requirements of Rule 12-15(b). (d) Unless otherwise directed by the hearing officer upon application or sua sponte, the opposing party shall file and serve responsive papers no later than eight days after service of the motion papers if service of the motion papers was by personal delivery or electronic means, and no later than thirteen days after service if service of the motion papers was by mail.

(e) Reply papers shall not be filed unless authorized by the hearing officer, and oral argument shall not be scheduled except upon the direction of the hearing officer.

(f) Nothing in this section shall limit the applicability of other provisions to specific pre-hearing motions.