Rule 4-04 Assistance to Candidates; Records.

In order to promote compliance with the requirements of the Act and these Rules, the Board's staff shall offer assistance to candidates in developing campaign procedures for gathering campaign finance information and keeping records and shall, to the extent feasible, provide model recordkeeping journals and forms. A participant's failure to keep records required by this Chapter, or provide to the Board, upon its request or as required by these Rules, records or other information, may result in a determination that matchable contribution claims are invalid pursuant to Rule 5-01(d)(17); a determination pursuant to § 3-710(2)(b) of the Code that the participant made expenditures for purposes other than qualified campaign expenditures, including a determination whether the participating candidate shall be required to personally repay such expenditures to the Board; a determination pursuant to § 3-710(2)(c) of the Code that the participant must return excess funds to the Board due to the failure to demonstrate that the participant made expenditures in furtherance of his or her nomination or election equal to or greater than the total of contributions, other receipts, and payments from the fund received; the withholding of public funds pursuant to Rule 5-01(e); and the assessment of penalties pursuant to §§ 3-710.5 and 3-711 of the Code.