Rule 8-01 Procedures for Submitting Petitions.

(a) Any person or entity may petition the Board to consider the adoption of a rule. The request must be sent to the Executive Director and contain the following information: (1) the rule to be considered, with proposed language for adoption; (2) a statement of the Board's authority to promulgate the rule and its purpose; (3) argument(s) in support of adoption of the rule; (4) the period of time the rule should be in effect; (5) the name, address, telephone number, and signature of the petitioner or his or her authorized representative.

(b) Any change in the information provided pursuant to subdivision (a) paragraph (5) must be communicated promptly in writing to the Executive Director.

(c) All requests should be typewritten, if possible, but handwritten petitions will be accepted, provided they are legible.