Rule 9-03 Disclosure Statement Submission Requirements

(a) Verification. The treasurer or candidate shall verify that the electronic submission is true and complete, to the best of his or her knowledge, information, and belief.

(b) Deficient submissions; Legibility. A submission is deficient and not in compliance with the disclosure requirements of the Act and these Rules if:

(1) the submission is not submitted in a form or manner authorized by the Board;

(2) the submission, or any part thereof, is in an electronic format that is infected with a virus, damaged, blank, improperly formatted, or otherwise unreadable by the Board; or

(3) the submission, or any part thereof, is in a non-electronic format that is illegible, or not in blue or black ink.

(c) Supplemental Paper Submissions. Unless otherwise required by the Board, a submission made in an electronic format, whether generated using C-SMART or otherwise, shall be accompanied by a printed version of the electronic submission. The electronic submission shall be the official submission. Any printed version of the electronic submission shall be provided solely for informational purposes and shall be placed in the public file until the electronic submission accepted by the Board is available to the public.