Rule 12-07 Filing of Papers.

(a) Generally. The notice accompanying the petition shall notify the parties of the designated hearing officer(s) and of the place to file papers. Papers may be filed with the hearing officer in person, by mail or by electronic means.

(b) Headings. If an OATH index number has been assigned pursuant to Rule 12-08(d), the subject matter heading for each paper sent by personal service, mail or electronic means must indicate the OATH index number.

(c) Means of service on adversary. Submission of papers to the hearing officer by electronic means, mail, or personal delivery without providing equivalent method of service to all other parties shall be deemed to be an ex parte communication.

(d) Proof of service. Proof of service must be maintained by the parties for all papers filed with the hearing officer. Proof of service shall be in the form of an affidavit by the person effecting service, or in the form of a signed acknowledgement of receipt by the person receiving the papers. A writing admitting service by the person served is adequate proof of service. Proof of service for papers served by electronic means, in addition to the foregoing, may be in the form of a record confirming delivery or acknowledging receipt of the electronic transmission.