Rule 12-11 Notice of Conference or Hearing.

(a) When a case is placed on either the conference calendar or the trial calendar, the Board shall serve respondent with notice of the following: the date, time and place of the conference or hearing; each party's right to representation by an attorney or other representative at the conference or hearing; the requirement that a person representing a party at the conference or hearing must file a notice of appearance prior to the conference or hearing; and, in a notice of a hearing served by the Board, the fact that failure of the respondent or an authorized representative of the respondent to appear at the hearing may result in a declaration of default and waiver of the right to a hearing, or other disposition, against the respondent.

(b) The notice of conference or hearing shall be served by first class mail or electronic means, and appropriate proof of service shall be maintained. A copy of the notice of conference, with proof of service, shall be filed with the administrative law judge at or before the commencement of the conference. A copy of the notice of hearing, with proof of service, shall be filed with the hearing officer at or before the commencement of the hearing.

(c) When multiple petitions against a single respondent, or petitions against multiple respondents, are placed on the conference or trial calendar for a joint conference or hearing pursuant to Rule 12-08, notice of hearing or notice of conference pursuant to this section shall include notice of such joinder.