Rule 12-23 Failure to Appear.

All parties, counsel and other representatives are required to be present at the hearing and prepared to proceed at the time scheduled for commencement of the hearing. Commencement of the hearing, or of any session of the hearing, shall not be delayed beyond the scheduled starting time except for good cause as determined in the discretion of the hearing officer. Absent a finding of good cause, and to the extent permitted by the law applicable to the claims asserted in the petition, the hearing officer may direct that the hearing proceed in the absence of any missing party or representative, render a disposition of the case adverse to the missing party, or take other appropriate measures, including the imposition of appropriate sanctions. Relief from the direction of the hearing officer may be had only upon motion brought as promptly as possible pursuant to Rule 12-14 or 12-27. The hearing officer may grant or deny such a motion, in whole, in part, or upon stated conditions.