Rule 2-07 Disqualification from Ballot.


(a) Public funds eligibility. A participant must qualify to be on the ballot, and be opposed on the ballot, to be eligible for public funds.

(b) Notice of disqualification. If a participant or the participant's only remaining opponent in an election is disqualified from the ballot by the New York City Board of Elections or a court of competent jurisdiction, the participant shall immediately inform the Board, by a hand-delivered memorandum, facsimile transmission, telegram, or other method of equivalent speed. If the disqualification by a court of competent jurisdiction was on the grounds that fraudulent acts were committed in order to obtain a place on the ballot, the notice shall so state.

(c) Remedies for disqualification. The participant shall notify the Board immediately, in writing, if the disqualified candidate is seeking to appeal or otherwise remedy a disqualification. This notice shall indicate whether a judicial appeal is being taken as of right or by permission and the specific nature of any other judicial remedy sought.

(d) Disqualification reversed. The participant shall immediately inform the Board, in writing, if the disqualification of the participant or the opponent is reversed by a court of competent jurisdiction.