Rule 2-10 Limited Participation.

(a) Generally. A limited participant shall not be eligible to receive public funds pursuant to §3-705 of the Code. A limited participant is not subject to the contribution limits pursuant to §3-703(f) of the Code; provided, however, that a limited participant shall not accept, at any time before or after the filing of a certification with the Board, either directly, indirectly, or by transfer, any monetary or in-kind contribution, or any loan, guarantee, or other security for such loan made in connection with such candidate's nomination for election or election, except for monetary contributions from the candidate to his or her principal committee made out of the candidate's personal funds or property, in-kind contributions made by the candidate to his or her principal committee, and advances received. A candidate's personal funds or property shall include his or her funds or property jointly held with his or her spouse, domestic partner, or unemancipated children.

(b) Program compliance. Except as otherwise specified in these Rules, the limited participant shall comply fully with Program requirements, including the following:

(1) Campaign finance disclosure statements. The limited participant shall file all disclosure statements as required pursuant to Chapter 3 of these Rules.

(2) Accounting and auditing. The limited participant shall be subject to all Program accounting and auditing requirements as set forth in Chapter 4 of these Rules.

(3) Expenditure limitations. The limited participant shall not make expenditures which in the aggregate exceed the expenditure limitations set forth in the Act.

(c) Penalties. The limited participant shall be subject to penalties pursuant to §§ 3-710.5 and 3-711 of the Code for violations of the Act or these Rules.