Rule 3-04 Claiming Matchable Contributions.

(a) Threshold; Back-up documentation. A participant’s disclosure statement shall indicate whether he or she has met the Act’s threshold for eligibility for public funds. Participants shall submit with each disclosure statement a copy of the records required to be maintained pursuant to Rules 4-01(b)(2) and (3) for each matchable contribution claimed in the disclosure statement. A matchable contribution claim will be invalidated unless the records that are required to be maintained pursuant to Rules 4-01(b)(2) and (3) are submitted with the disclosure statement in which the contribution is reported. Matchable contribution claims determined by the Board to be invalid pursuant to the Act and these Rules shall not be counted toward a participant’s threshold for eligibility for public financing. This rule applies to candidates seeking to preserve matchable contribution claims received prior to filing a certification with the Board pursuant to §3-703(12)(a) of the Code.

(b) Matchable contributions. The disclosure statement shall state the total amount of matchable contributions claimed in a reporting period and whether the participant seeks public funds for these matchable contributions. Contributions received in violation of any law, including but not limited to cash contributions from any one contributor greater than $100, are not matchable.

(c) Returned contributions are not matchable. A matchable contribution may not be claimed for any portion of a contribution that is returned to or not paid by the contributor. A participant must rescind claims for matchable contributions that are returned or not paid, in the manner provided by the Board, and the participant's public fund payments will be reduced by the matchable contribution amounts returned.

(d) Loans and loans forgiven are not matchable. Pursuant to §3-702(3) of the Code, a matchable contribution may not be claimed for a loan or a loan that is forgiven.