Rule 5-02 Review of Eligibility, Payment, and Repayment Determinations.

(1) After the Board provides a participant a written determination specifying the basis for payment or non-payment of public funds prior to the election, the participant may petition the Board in writing for reconsideration of such determination. Such petition must state the grounds for reconsideration and may include a request to appear before the Board concerning the subject of such petition. Before the election, the Board shall review the determination that is the subject of the petition for review within five business days of the filing of such petition. In the event the Board is unable to convene within five business days, the Board may delegate to the Chair of the Board or his or her designee authority to make a determination regarding the petition. The Board shall timely issue a written determination on the subject of the petition. If the petition is denied, the Board's notice shall inform the participant of the right to appeal the Board's determination pursuant to Article 78 of the Civil Practice Law and Rules.

(2) The participating candidate and his or her principal committee shall not include in any such petition any documentation or factual information not submitted to the Board prior to the determination under review unless the participating candidate can demonstrate good cause for the previous failure to submit such documentation or information and for any failures to communicate on a timely basis with the Board.

(3) The participating candidate may submit a petition for review of a payment or non-payment determination after the issuance of the participant's final audit report within thirty days of issuance of the final audit report and only upon submission of information and/or documentation that was unavailable to the Board previously and is material to such determination, and a showing that the participant had good cause for the previous failure to provide such information and/or documentation.

(b) Final disqualification from the ballot. The Board will consider a candidate to be finally disqualified from the ballot on the earlier of the date of an administrative or judicial determination disqualifying the candidate for which there is no appeal as of right (unless the disqualification is reversed on appeal or otherwise) or of the election. Payment may be made to a participant who was temporarily on the ballot or opposed in an election, pursuant to a determination of the Board of Elections or a court of competent jurisdiction, but then ultimately disqualified from the ballot or unopposed in that election, only when the Board's audit of the participant's campaign has been completed and only if the participant has, within 30 days after the date of the final disqualification, as provided herein, filed a written petition, sworn to or affirmed, and supporting documentation that demonstrates that: (1) liabilities in qualified campaign expenditures incurred before the date of final disqualification remain unpaid; (2) the total amount of cash on hand is insufficient to pay these liabilities; (3) hardship will exist if public funds are not paid; (4) any and all expenditures made and liabilities incurred after the final disqualification were reasonable and necessary; and (5) the campaign was otherwise eligible and in compliance with all other Program requirements as of the date of final disqualification and has remained in compliance at all times since that date. The petition shall also include an undertaking to use any public funds paid for extinguishing the liabilities enumerated pursuant to paragraph (1).