Rule 9-01 Submission in Electronic Medium

(a) Electronic Submission Generally. Except as specifically permitted pursuant to Rule 9-02, disclosure statements shall be generated by using Candidate Software for Managing and Reporting Transactions (C-SMART) and submitted in such form and manner as shall be provided by the Board. Documentation, whether electronically scanned or in hard copy form, shall be submitted in a form and manner as prescribed by the Board.

(b) C-SMART. (1) C-SMART shall be developed and issued by the Board, and may be issued in one or more stages; successive enhancements may modify and/or expand its uses. C-SMART may not be used, copied, or transferred except as authorized by the Board. Any version of C-SMART issued by the Board after January 1, 2008 shall enable candidates to meet their disclosure obligations under Article 14 of the Election Law, as amended by chapter 405 of the laws of 2005.

(2) The term "C-SMART" does not include campaign finance data stored on C-SMART by its users.

(3) C-SMART is a copyright of the New York City Campaign Finance Board.