Rule 9-02 Electronic Medium Requirements

(a) Exceptions. (1) Any candidate who seeks to submit disclosure statements, or a portion thereof, in any format or manner other than that permitted by Rule 9-01 above, including but not limited to non-electronic formats and electronic formats not generated by C-SMART, shall submit a written request for authorization to the Board no later than four weeks before the filing date for the first disclosure statement for which the candidate desires an exception from Rule 9-01, or in the case of a special election, as soon as possible but no later than seven days before such disclosure statement filing date. Such written request shall be in a form and manner as prescribed by the Board. Small campaigns, as defined in Rule 3-02(f)(4), and other candidates who demonstrate that submission of disclosure statements in an electronic format would pose a substantial hardship, shall be permitted, upon request, to submit disclosure statements to the Board in non-electronic formats. Board authorization shall be in writing and shall apply only to the candidate, paper forms, and/or electronic submission form and manner specified therein. The authorization shall indicate whether it applies to one or more disclosure statements.

(2) State and Federal forms may not be submitted to the Board unless they are specifically permitted pursuant to subsection (1) above or §3-703(8) of the Code.

(b) Enhancements. The Board may, from time to time, provide enhancements, builds, patches, and/or upgrades to C-SMART and/or its user instructions. The Board shall provide candidates with as much advance notice of such enhancements as is reasonably possible. Following any such additions, candidates using C-SMART shall also use the most recent addition for any subsequent disclosure statement.