Campaign Finance Board Recognizes 16 Candidates that Completed 2017 Elections Without Any Violations or Penalties


The New York City Campaign Finance Board (CFB) announced that, starting with the 2017 election cycle, it will recognize at each meeting those campaigns that have completed the post-election audit process without any violations or penalties assessed by the Board. The Board recognized the first such candidates at today's meeting. 

The Board applauds the following candidates and their campaign staff for their diligence in running campaigns that maintained compliance with New York City's campaign finance law. 

Completed Audit Process Without Violations or Penalties Assessed by Board
(2017 Elections)
Candidate Office / District Program
Public Funds

Devin Balkind
Public Advocate Yes $0
Akeem Browder Mayor Yes $0
Vito J. Bruno Borough President
Yes $0
Louis A. Cespedes City Council
(District 45)
No -
Aaron A. Commey Mayor Yes $0
Leopold W. Cox City Council
(District 41)
Yes $0
Patrick Delices City Council
(District 17)
Yes $0
Frank Francois City Council
(District 27)
Yes $0
Alex A. Gomez City Council
(District 13)
Yes $0
Marni Halasa City Council
(District 3)
No -
Carmen V. Hulbert City Council
(District 38)
Yes $0
Peter Koo City Council
(District 20)
No -
Karen Koslowitz City Council
(District 29)
Yes $0
William K. Kregler Borough President
Yes $0
Alan Maisel City Council
(District 46)
Yes $25,025
Victor Ortiz City Council
(District 13)
Yes $0

Additionally, the Board approved post-election public funds payments to two campaigns in the 2017 special election in City Council District 9 and determined that one campaign from the same election is required to repay public funds to the Board.

Post-election Public Funds Payment
(Election Cycle)
Public Funds Received Previously Post-election Public Funds Payment
 Bill Perkins

 City Council (District #9)
$60,630  $4,830
Athena Moore

City Council (District #9)
$0  $28,486


Public Funds Repayments

(Election Cycle)
Public Funds Received Public Funds Repayment
Larry S. Blackmon

City Council
(District #9)
$78,402 $8,288.94*
 * Final bank balance.


Archived video footage of today’s meeting is available at