CFB Votes on Enforcement Matters for Two City Council Campaigns


At today's public meeting, the New York City Campaign Finance Board (CFB) determined that two campaigns committed violations and assessed penalties for those violations. One of the campaigns is from the 2017 election in City Council District 44, and the other is from the 2015 election in City Council District 23. One campaign was also required to repay public funds. Refer to the tables below for details on these determinations. Archived video footage of the meeting is available at

During the meeting, the Board also voted to ratify public funds payments made on February 21 to candidates in the 2019 special election for Public Advocate.

The Board also recognizes campaigns that completed the post-election audit process without any violations or penalties assessed by the Board. The CFB initiated this recognition process for the 2017 election cycle. The Board applauds the following candidates and their campaign staff for their diligence in running a campaign that maintained compliance with NYC's campaign finance law.

Completed Audit Process Without Violations or Penalties Assessed by Board (2017 Elections)

Candidate Office / District Program
Public Funds
Vincenzo Chirico City Council
District 43
Yes $100,100
Ruben Diaz, Sr. City Council
District 18
No $0
Vanessa L. Gibson City Council
District 16
Yes $0
Robert F. Holden City Council
District 30
Yes $200,200
Ivan D. Mossop City Council
District 28
Yes $0
Nancy Tong City Council
District 43
Yes $100,100


Violations and Penalties
(for details, follow the link in the Total Penalties column)
Candidate (Election Cycle) Office Violation Penalty Total Penalties
Barry Grodenchik(2015)

Public Funds Received: $188,996
City Council (District 23)
1. Failing to provide bank and merchant account statements
$500 $3,807

2. Failing to demonstrate compliance with cash receipts reporting and documentation requirements

3. Failing to demonstrate compliance with subcontractor reporting and documentation requirements

4. Accepting contributions from unregistered political committees

5. Failing to demonstrate that spending was in furtherance of the campaign

6. Making impermissible post-election expenditures

7. Failing to respond to the Initial Documentation Request
Candidate (Election Cycle) Office Violation Penalty Total Penalties
Harold Tischler(2017)

Public Funds Received: $0
City Council (District 44)
1. Failing to report transactions
$638 $1,138
2. Failing to demonstrate compliance with reporting requirements for receipts $500

Public Funds Repayment
(Election Cycle)
Public Funds
Repayment of
Public Funds

Barry Grodenchik

City Council
(District 23)
$188,996 $770.17*
*Final Bank Balance