Statements on Passage of Charter Revision Proposal 1 and Election Day 2018


Statement from Frederick Schaffer, Chair of the Campaign Finance Board:
“The Board welcomes the passage of Charter Revision Proposal 1. More than 1.1 million New Yorkers voted yesterday to strengthen New York City’s public campaign finance program. We believe that the changes adopted will empower more New Yorkers to engage in the political process.

Increasing the availability of matching funds and lowering the size of private contributions candidates may accept will ensure that small-dollar contributions from everyday New Yorkers will make a real difference, reduce actual and perceived corruption, and make it easier for more New Yorkers from all walks of life to run competitive campaigns for city office.

The passage of the ballot question requires significant administrative changes to the program. The Board and CFB staff have begun work on implementing those changes. As that work continues, we will be ready to provide guidance and support to help candidates navigate the new system.

The 2021 elections may seem far off, but there are important decisions for all candidates to make in the coming weeks and months, so we urge anyone interested in running for office to contact the CFB. The Board also looks forward to working with the City Council and the Mayor’s office to make sure that the changes adopted by voters yesterday are faithfully represented in city legislation and the Board’s rules.”
Statement from Naomi Zauderer, Chair of the Voter Assistance Advisory Committee:
“In yesterday’s elections, more than 1.9 million New Yorkers voted, according to the unofficial tally, an increase of more than 900,000 voters compared to 2014. We are very proud of the commitment city voters demonstrated to local democracy, despite some challenging conditions. Unfortunately, many voters experienced problems at the polls.

The CFB’s Voter Assistance Advisory Committee was created to advocate for voters in situations like these.  The Committee will hold its annual hearing on December 5. At this hearing, we hope to facilitate a dialogue about solutions that will help remove these persistent barriers to smoothly and efficiently casting ballots that count.  Please come and share your story.”