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1991-1: Requirements for February 26, 1991 Special Election (City Council, 29th District)

January 03, 1991

On January 3, 1991, the Mayor proclaimed a non-partisan special election to be held on February 26, 1991, to fill a vacancy in City Council district twenty-nine. New York City Charter §25(b). Candidates choosing to participate in the New York City Campaign Finance Program for this special election must submit certification and principal committee designation forms to the Campaign Finance Board not later than January 10, 1991. New York City Administrative Code §3-703(1) (c). Amendments to the New York City Campaign Finance Act, which became law on November 27, 1990 (Local Law No. 69 of 1990), are in effect for this election.

The contribution and expenditure limits applicable to participating candidates in the special election for City Council district twenty-nine, are:

Contribution Limit: $1,500

Expenditure Limit: $105,0001

Administrative Code §3-703(1) (f) (iii); 3-706(1) (a). The principal committee treasurer of a participating candidate in the special election must submit disclosure statements of contributions, loans, and expenditures to the Board on the following dates: January 25, February 15, February 22, and March 25, 1991. But see Administrative Code §3-703(6) (exceptions to reporting requirements).



1 Certain expenditures are exempt from the expenditure limit. See Administrative Code §§3-706(4); 3-712. If the Board determines that a candidate, who has not joined the Campaign Finance Program, has raised or spent more than $30,000 in the special election, the expenditure limit will not apply to participating candidates. Administrative Code §3-706(3).