CFB Issues Public Matching Funds to City Candidates


At a regularly scheduled meeting this morning, the NYC Campaign Finance Board (CFB) issued public matching funds payments to five candidates in the primary election for Queens Borough President. This is the seventh and final public funds payments prior to the Queens Borough President election.

The Board also voted to ratify payments made earlier in the election cycle (June 1 and June 11). Payments previously issued for the special election now apply to the primary. Details about the payments are available below.

Candidate Jun. 18 Total
Costa Constantinides $50,035 $770,789
Elizabeth Crowley $47,271 $1,224,411
Anthony Miranda $25,084 $405,608
Jim Quinn * -- $440,361
Donovan Richards $59,419 $810,703
Dao Yin $39,891 $448,072
Total $221,700 $4,099,944
*Not on ballot for the June 23 primary election.
The Board also recognized one campaign that completed the post-election audit process without any violations or penalties assessed by the Board. The Board applauded the following candidate and their campaign staff for their diligence in maintaining compliance with NYC's campaign finance law.

Completed Audit Process Without Violations or Penalties Assessed by Board 

Candidate Office Program Participant First Time CFB Candidate Public Funds Received

Marvin Jeffcoat

Maureen Daly
City Council
(District #26)
Yes Yes $39,060

The Board also voted to adopt Advisory Opinion 2020-2. The advisory opinion states that candidates in the cancelled special election for Queens borough president, originally scheduled for March 24, 2020, and the primary election scheduled for June 23, 2020, may demonstrate that certain expenditures made in furtherance of the special election are not attributable to the primary election expenditure limit, provided they submit documentation related to either the intended audience of those expenditures or the nature of the goods or services purchased. Any public matching funds that candidates received for the special election will count toward the maximum amount of public funds they are eligible to receive for the primary election.


Candidates in the Queens Borough President race are filing daily disclosure reports through June 22. The first post-election disclosure deadline is July 15. See the full revised disclosure calendar for more details. The contribution limits for this race have increased as a result of the election postponement. The revised limits and other information is available on the CFB's website. 


To qualify for public matching funds, candidates must meet the nonpartisan objective criteria set in the law, including a two-part fundraising threshold. Candidates also must comply with all program rules, including individual contribution limits and a prohibition on contributions from corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships.

To qualify for public matching funds in the Queens Borough President special election, candidates must raise 100 contributions from Queens residents and $44,614 in funds raised. Only the match-eligible portion ($175) of any contribution counts towards the second threshold. 

To qualify for public matching funds for City Council, candidates must raise 75 contributions from district residents and $5,000 from city residents. Only the match-eligible portion ($175) of any contribution counts towards the second threshold. 

Improvements to the matching funds program were adopted by voters in November 2018. Under the new limits and thresholds, the CFB provides public matching funds to qualifying candidates at a matching rate of $8-to-$1 for the first $175 for City Council and Borough President candidates, or $250 for citywide candidates contributed by city residents. Each contribution from a New York City resident is eligible for a maximum matching funds payment of $1,400 for City Council and Borough President candidates or $2,000 for citywide candidates. Candidates have the choice of participating in the old program, which provides public funds to qualifying candidates at a $6-to-$1 matching rate. All participating candidates in these special elections opted-in to the new $8-to-$1 program.

The CFB's Candidate Services staff offers extensive support to campaigns, providing access to training, resources, and one-on-one guidance to help them navigate their disclosure requirements and compliance obligations.

More information about the candidates' campaign finance data is available on the CFB website in the Campaign Finance Summary portal. Individual contribution data is available in the Follow the Money database.