2013 Voter Guide

Debate Program

The CFB is charged with administering the mandatory Debate Program for citywide candidates participating in the Campaign Finance Program who appear on the ballot and meet certain objective, nonpartisan, and non-discriminatory criteria. The Debate Program is a cornerstone of the CFB's voter education efforts. It provides New Yorkers with an opportunity to compare candidates side by side as they discuss the important issues facing the city. The debates help ensure New Yorkers are well-informed as they head to the polls to cast their vote.

Candidates for citywide office who receive public funding and meet debate requirements must participate in a debate prior to an election in which he or she is on the ballot. Other candidates, including those who do not opt to receive public funds, may also be invited to join the debate at the discretion of the CFB and sponsoring organizations, provided the candidates meet certain criteria.

Individual debates are sponsored by organizations that are not affiliated with any political party, candidate, or office holder and that have not endorsed any candidate in a pending citywide election. Past applicants have included civic groups, academic institutions, and media organizations. Prior to each citywide municipal election, the CFB solicits and selects partners to sponsor the debates.

Questions about the 2013 Debate Program?
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