2013 Voter Guide

Borough President

The borough presidents are the chief executives of each borough. They have the power, for their boroughs, to consult with the mayor in the preparation of the annual executive budget; to make recommendations on budget priorities, capital projects, and other matters; to review land-use decisions and proposed sites for city facilities; to monitor the delivery of city services and the performance of contracts; and to have legislation introduced in the City Council. Borough presidents earn an annual salary of $160,000.




The ballot was not final at press time. Candidates may appear in a different order.

* If there is an asterisk next to a candidate's name, s/he did not submit a profile or record a video.


Party Key
  • C = Conservative
  • D = Democratic
  • DD = Dump The Dump
  • G = Green
  • I = Independence
  • JE = Jobs & Education
  • LBT = Libertarian
  • R = Republican
  • WV = War Veterans
  • WF = Working Families