2013 Voter Guide

City Council

The City Council is the legislative, or law-making, branch of New York City's government. The City Council is responsible for passing local laws, making decisions about land use, investigating and overseeing city agencies, and approving the city's budget. Each Council member represents one of the 51 New York City Council districts. Council members receive an annual base salary of $112,500. Council leaders and chairs of committees receive additional pay. Council members may hold other jobs in addition to their Council seats.


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The following is a list of New York City Council Districts. Click on a district for a list of all candidates running in that district, and to view profiles and videos submitted by those candidates.




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The following is a list of all city council candidates, organized alphabetically. Click on a name to view a candidate’s profile. Click on the corresponding district for a list of all the candidates running in that district. Some candidates listed below (those with an asterick after their names) have not submitted a candidate profile by the deadline for producing and mailing the printed Guide.

Archer, Trevor District 12 Koslowitz, Karen District 29
Arroyo, Maria del Carmen District 17 Lallave, Henry* District 38
Barron, Inez D. District 42 Lancman, Rory I. District 24
Bauza, Joel District 15 Lander, Brad District 39
Blishteyn, Alexander District 24 Landis, Marc A. District 06
Brink, Patricia* District 11 Leroy, Mireille P.* District 28
Britt, Jr., William E.* District 13 Levin, Stephen T. District 33
Brown, Ricardo A. District 31 Levine, Mark D. District 07
Budde, Miles D.* District 02 Lotovsky, Alexander District 48
Butler, Denise* District 14 Macron, Mark A. District 49
Cabrera, Fernando District 14 Maisel, Alan District 46
Cabrera, Ronnie* District 10 Malik, Bilal* District 41
Cardona, Ralina M. District 08 Mancuso, John District 50
Caruana, Craig N. District 30 Mark-Viverito, Melissa District 08
Chin, Margaret S. District 01 Matteo, Steven District 50
Chou, Evergreen C. District 20 Mealy, Darlene District 41
Cohen, Andrew District 11 Menchaca, Carlos District 38
Colon, Jose A.* District 17 Mendez, Rosie District 02
Concannon, Joseph R. District 23 Miller, I. Daneek District 27
Constantinides, Costa District 22 Mobley, Connis Maurice District 47
Cornegy, Jr., Robert E. District 36 Moore, William Russell District 18
Council, Kimberly N. District 37 Murray, James E.* District 39
Crowley, Elizabeth S. District 30 Murray, Scherie S. District 31
Cumbo, Laurie A. District 35 Nestler, Walter District 18
De Stefano, Danielle M. District 22 Newsome, Walter L. District 16
DeMell, Harry* District 06 Oberman, Igor District 48
Deutsch, Chaim M. District 48 Palma, Annabel District 18
Diamond, Robert* District 12 Paul, Lamont L.* District 18
Dickens, Inez E. District 09 Peeden, Sondra H. District 27
Dromm, Daniel P. District 25 Peterson, Daniel P. District 22
Dwyer, Patrick District 43 Quaglione, John F. District 43
Eggleston, Benjamin* District 16 Rahman, Mujib District 24
Espinal Jr., Rafael L. District 37 Ramirez, Eduardo* District 18
Estrella, Miguel District 10 Reed, Alan H.* District 14
Eugene, Mathieu District 40 Reynolds, John H. District 11
Evans, Selsia* District 17 Reynoso, Antonio District 34
Ferreras, Julissa District 21 Richards, Donovan District 31
Flores-Vazquez, Martha* District 20 Rivera, Joel R. District 15
Foy, Kirsten J. District 36 Rodriguez, Ydanis A. District 10
Freeman-Saulsberre, Michael* District 37 Rose, Deborah L. District 49
Garland, David District 05 Rosenthal, Helen K. District 06
Garodnick, Daniel R. District 04 Saffran, Dennis District 19
Gentile, Vincent J. District 43 Santiago, Gladys District 34
Giattino, Christopher R.* District 08 Serpe, Lynne District 22
Gibson, Vanessa L. District 16 Sierra, Carlos M. District 16
Gonzalez, Christina District 07 Simon, Lew M. District 32
Greenfield, David G. District 44 Siracuse, Thomas District 06
Hahn, Sunny District 20 Stewart, Richard E.* District 03
Hayon, Joseph District 44 Storobin, David District 48
Ignizio, Vincent M.* District 51 Sullivan, Andrew J.* District 47
Jasilli, John A.* District 33 Testaverde, Anthony District 46
Jnane, Helene District 04 Thompson, Veronica L.* District 36
Johnson, Corey D. District 03 Torodash, Jon District 29
Johnson, Ernest* District 42 Torres, Ritchie District 15
Kalaidjian, William* District 11 Treyger, Mark District 47
Kallos, Benjamin J. District 05 Ulrich, Eric A. District 32
Kann, Jerry District 22 Vacca, James District 13
Keeling, Cheryl District 11 Vallone, Paul A. District 19
Kellner, Micah Z. District 05 Van Bramer, James G. District 26
Kelly, Brian W.* District 40 Walsh, Christopher District 51
Kinard, Sylvia G. District 40 Weprin, Mark S. District 23
King, Andrew L. District 12 Williams, Jumaane D. District 45
King, Erlene J. District 45 Wills, Ruben District 28
Koo, Peter A. District 20


The ballot was not final at press time. Candidates may appear in a different order.

* If there is an asterisk next to a candidate's name, s/he did not submit a profile or record a video.