Blog - March 27, 2017

Agenda for Public Meeting of the New York City Voter Assistance Advisory Committee

The next public meeting of the New York City Voter Assistance Advisory Committee (VAAC) will be held tonight, Monday, March 27th, in the Joseph A. O’Hare, S.J. Board Room of the CFB’s office in Lower Manhattan, at 100 Church Street, on the 12th Floor

Blog - February 17, 2017

Small Donor Contribution Leaders for 2017 Elections

See which candidates are raising the most money from regular New Yorkers within their districts.

Blog - February 07, 2017

Meet the 2017 Youth Poet Laureate Ambassadors

The YPL Grand Slam Finals took place on December 17, 2016, at the New York Public Library in the Celeste Bartos Forum. Past YPL competitions have seen striking performances through the years, while this year’s competitors were no exception. This year’s winner, Sharon Lin, became a clear frontrunner with her provocative poem, “A Footnote on a Hollywood Blockbuster,” which challenges racial stereotypes and sheds light on Lin’s own experience as an Asian American.

Blog - January 23, 2017

CFB Launches NYC's 2017 Debate Program

It’s election year in NYC! This fall, New York City residents will head to the polls to elect their next mayor, comptroller, public advocate, borough presidents and City Council members.  

Blog - January 12, 2017

New Yorkers Push for Better Elections at the Annual Voter Assistance Advisory Committee Hearing, Hosted by NYC Votes

NYC Votes’ Voter Assistance Advisory Committee (VAAC) invited New Yorkers to share their voting experiences during the 2016 elections and discuss a path forward for reforming New York’s voting systems at its annual public hearing last month.

Blog - December 16, 2016

New York City's 8th Annual Youth Poet Laureate Grand Slam

The NYC YPL program is a voting-themed spoken word competition, and the goal of the program is to excite young New Yorkers about civic engagement through creative self-expression.

Blog - December 12, 2016

11 Ways to Get Involved Post-Election

New Yorkers are increasingly searching for more ways to make their voices heard. We’ve heard this refrain for the last several years, but it has grown louder after the 2016 election and it was a major theme at our recent voter assistance hearing

Blog - December 09, 2016

Introducing C-SMART 2017: New Features for the Election Year

Today, the CFB is excited to take the next step in helping candidates participate in the program with a significant update to our C-SMART software.

Blog - November 01, 2016

New Yorkers Get Ready to Cast Their Votes in the 2016 General Election

NYC Votes, in conjunction with the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) and other partners, is pleased to announce that for the second year in a row we registered the most voters in the nation on National Voter Registration Day (NVRD)!

Blog - October 28, 2016

Know Your Rights at the Polls on November 8

With Election Day just days away, voters should know their rights and what to expect when they get to the polls. Here are answers to some of the most common questions from voters.

Blog - October 07, 2016

New Yorkers Share Thoughts on Voting in New CFB Project

Today we launch a new project: “Voters of New York.” We asked dozens of New Yorkers from across the five boroughs to share their personal stories about voting and why they feel it is important to make their voices heard this election year. We hope their stories will inspire people to get on the voting rolls and to the polls on Election Day.

Blog - September 29, 2016

Can I Vote With a Criminal Record in NYC?

There is a lot of misinformation circulating on the topic of voting with a criminal record in the United States.

Blog - September 27, 2016

Meet Our Street Team

The NYC Votes Street Team convenes every summer to register people to vote across the five boroughs. 2016 marked the fifth year of the program.

Blog - September 22, 2016

Small Donor Contribution Leaders for 2017 Elections

The Presidential election currently has our full attention, but we’re rounding the corner on NYC’s 2017 citywide elections

Blog - September 13, 2016

CFB Updates its Rules

The CFB has issued a set of proposed rules ahead of the 2017 citywide elections

Blog - June 09, 2016

Statement from Board Chair Rose Gill Hearn - June 9, 2016

Board Chair Rose Gill Hearn's statement on state proposal regarding independent expenditures and deadline for candidates to join matching funds program for 2016 elections.

Blog - June 06, 2016

NYC Campaign Finance Program Deadline Approaches

This Election Day, November 3rd, New Yorkers will have plenty of electing to do

Blog - April 29, 2016

Exploring the Potential Impact of Eliminating Matching Funds for Contributions Bundled by Those Who Do Business with NYC

The CFB urges the Council to pass legislation that will help limit the impact and decrease the potential for quid pro quo corruption that may arise from funds raised by people with business ties to City government.

Blog - April 28, 2016

Americans in 37 States Love Early Voting. Why Not New York?

Early voting is convenient and improves the Election Day experience for everyone. The voters who can vote early, love it.

Blog - April 18, 2016

So You're Voting on Tuesday: Here's What Your Ballot Will Look Like

What the ballots will look like and what you should do to cast a vote that counts in Tuesday's presidential primary.

Blog - April 11, 2016

Why New York Voters Need the Voter Empowerment Act

A Seamless, Reliable Voter Registration that Works for All New Yorkers

Blog - February 25, 2016

To Help New Yorkers "Comprehend the Pleasures and Possibilities of Their Power as Citizens"

I hope to help my fellow New Yorkers comprehend the pleasures and possibilities of their power as citizens. I hope to use my voice to inspire and motivate my listeners to discover the untapped brilliance we all hold.

Blog - February 01, 2016

Small Dollar Contributions Drive Fundraising in 2017 New York City Race

After each filing deadline we recognize the candidates who’ve raised the most contributions of $175 or less from NYC residents. The top small-dollar fundraiser for the past six months was John Doyle, candidate for City Council District 13.

Blog - December 17, 2015

Statement from CFB Chair Rose Gill Hearn - December 17, 2015

The message from the back-to-back convictions in the Southern District of New York coming just 11 days apart of Albany’s two former legislative leaders rings true and clear: it is time for change

Blog - October 19, 2015

Election Day Primer: Off-year vs. Special

Ever wonder about the differences between an off-year election and a special election? You're in good company and we've got answers.

Blog - October 05, 2015

Don't Miss the Party (Primaries) in 2016

Excited for the 2016 elections? Don't miss this important deadline -- October 9 -- if you want to vote in the primaries next year!

Blog - August 26, 2015

Public Financing: What's the Return on Investment at the Voting Booth?

How do we restore voters faith in elections and get them back to the polls? Part of the answer: encourage more people to invest in campaigns as contributors.

Blog - August 21, 2015

Are All Public Matching Funds Programs Created Equal?

Michael Malbin suggests that policy choices can make a big difference in whether public matching funds programs succeed at increasing donor diversity and the number of small contributions candidates raise.

Blog - August 05, 2015

Third #FilingDay of 2017

2017’s third #FilingDay results are in! Queens Borough President Melinda Katz and Queens Council Member Daniel Dromm are the new leaders in the cumulative small contributor count for the 2017 election cycle

Blog - July 22, 2015

Conference Live Blog - American Elections at the Crossroads

Tune in to the live blog from our conference on campaign finance reform today with the Brennan Center and the Committee for Economic Development!

Blog - July 21, 2015

New York State Near Bottom in Voter Turnout Rankings

New York City hit a historic low in voter turnout last November, but the

Blog - July 20, 2015

A Counterweight to Outside Spending in Elections

CounterPAC's Jay Costa will explain his group's creative approach to countering outside spending in elections at our conference on Wednesday, July 22. Here's your sneak peek.

Blog - July 10, 2015

July’s #FilingDay Will Be Twice as Nice

With the end of the July 4th weekend, it’s time to look forward to the CFB’s annual mid-July Filing Day! For this year’s July 15th disclosure deadline, 45 candidates who are currently registered for the 2017 elections will file a statement, as will eight newly registered candidates for the election in Council District 23

Blog - July 08, 2015

How Can We Get Young Voters to #VoteLocal

The Knight Foundation examines why millennials don't vote in local elections and how to reverse the trend.

Blog - July 06, 2015

How do you like our new site?

We've re-designed our website! What do you think? Share your thoughts, here.

Blog - June 29, 2015

990,776 Reasons Why We Need Universal Registration

The turnout rate among voting-age citizens in New York City in 2014 was barely over 20 percent.

Blog - June 10, 2015

Better Ballots Five Years Overdue

With the 2016 presidential election season underway, it appears all but certain that New Yorkers’ all-important votes next year will, yet again, be cast using badly outdated ballots

Blog - May 22, 2015

How the FEC Can Improve the Federal "Pay-to-Play" Law

The CFB urges the FEC to adopt stronger regulations to uphold the federal "pay-to-play" law.

Blog - May 19, 2015

Running for Office 101: A CFB Seminar for 1st-time Candidates

The Campaign Finance Board (CFB)

Blog - May 15, 2015

Have Your Say: Federal "Pay-to-Play"

Don’t miss your chance to tell the

Blog - May 14, 2015

Statement from CFB Executive Director Amy Loprest on Proposed Rule Changes

The Board was gratified by the

Blog - May 14, 2015

Statement from CFB Chair Rose Gill Hearn - May 14, 2015

Today’s remarks represent the beginning of the public phase of the Board’s post-election audits for the 2013 election cycle

Blog - May 13, 2015

Ballot Access Should Be Easier for Candidates, Too

We talk a lot about modernizing our elections

Blog - April 21, 2015

NYC Votes Coalition Asks Albany to Adopt #VoteBetterNY Agenda

New York has a voter participation problem

Blog - March 24, 2015

Coming Soon: A Paperless Filing Day

The second filing day of NYC’s 2017 election cycle back in January marked the first time candidates could submit electronically backup documentation for contributions directly through the CFB’s candidate disclosure software, aka C-SMART

Blog - March 18, 2015

Initiate Operation Youth Voter! #SVRDNYC

Students in 25 New York City public high schools are getting their very own voter registration day on Friday! The first annual Student Voter Registration Day (SVRD), spearheaded by City Council Member Helen Rosenthal, will help young people register to vote and learn about the important role that voting and elections play in their lives

Blog - February 23, 2015

Will Chicago Turn to Campaign Finance?

Tomorrow, residents of Chicago will head to the polls to elect a Mayor and members of the City Council

Blog - February 19, 2015

A Call to Action for Election Reform #VoteBetterNY

We sent a letter to newly elected State Assembly Speaker Carl E

Blog - February 02, 2015

Second #FilingDay of 2017

Council Members Vincent Gentile and Vincent Ignizio claimed the top spots in the 2017 small contributor count following strong reports in the second filing day of the election cycle

Blog - January 09, 2015

Candidates Get Jump on Small Contributions for 2017 Races

The second filing period for the 2017 election cycle ends on Sunday, January 11, 2015

Blog - January 05, 2015

New this Filing Day: Enhanced Electronic Submission

You asked and we delivered! In November, the CFB launched a new feature that allows campaigns to electronically submit backup documentation for contributions directly through our web-based candidate disclosure software (C-SMART)

Blog - December 09, 2014

NYC Says No to "Dark Money" Elections

At an estimated $4 billion, the 2014 elections were the

Blog - November 26, 2014

CFB Discusses Ways to Bring Text Message Contributions into NYC's Campaign Finance Program

Before the 2017 elections, NYC residents will be able to make small-dollar contributions to political campaigns — and provide candidates with the benefit of matching funds — with the click of a few buttons via text message

Blog - November 21, 2014

Crystal Valentine Begins Her Journey as NYC's 2015 Youth Poet Laureate

By: Crystal Valentine I am thrilled to have been given the title of NYC Youth Poet Laureate! To be honest, the full extent of the title and position has not yet completely sunk in, but I’m sure that it will come in the next few weeks

Blog - November 21, 2014

Ramya Ramana Bids Farewell

By Ramya Ramana To be given the stage and the platform as Youth Poet Laureate to share with my peers such an important message has been both a humbling and honoring experience

Blog - November 18, 2014

CFB Taking the Measure of Text Message Contributions

Small-dollar text message (or SMS, for “short message service”) contributions can be quick, easy, and convenient

Blog - October 31, 2014

Big Money Got You Down in 2014? We're Making NYC's Public Matching Funds System Even Stronger

As the 2014 election cycle comes in for a landing on Tuesday, much of the political news and commentary is focused on the outsized role of big money in deciding races, both at the

Blog - October 30, 2014

Last-minute voter? NYC Votes has you covered!

Election Day is almost here, people! In a few days—Tuesday, Nov

Blog - October 21, 2014

Race to the Top: How Public Funds Encourage Individual Contributions

New York City’s public matching funds Program encourages participating candidates to raise small contributions ($175 or less) from individuals living in the city

Blog - October 14, 2014

Draft Audit Reports: Answers to Top Candidate Questions

As candidates in the 2013 election receive their campaigns’ Draft Audit Reports (DARs), the CFB’s Candidate Services Unit (CSU) has started holding regular trainings to help candidates prepare their responses

Blog - October 01, 2014

New Small-Donor Matching Funds System in Montgomery County, MD

Yesterday, Montgomery County, Maryland

Blog - September 29, 2014

Public Financing: Constitutional. Effective.

CFB Executive Director Amy Loprest penned the following letter in response to Jill Lepore’s story,

Blog - September 16, 2014

Share your opinion today. Vote November 4th.

In the election on November 4th, New Yorkers will head to the polls to shape the future of our city and our state

Blog - September 04, 2014

In-district Contributions Fueled 2013 City Council Races

Public matching funds encourage candidates to raise small contributions from the people they hope to represent in office—instead of relying solely on large contributions from special interests and wealthy individuals

Blog - September 03, 2014

NYC Candidates Focus on Locally-grown Contributions

The CFB’s comprehensive post-election report, By the People: The New York City Campaign Finance Program in the 2013 Elections, released yesterday shows that candidates in last year’s elections overwhelmingly relied on small, locally-grown contributions

Blog - August 14, 2014

A "Fantastic Measure" to Boost Student Voting

The CFB’s Voter Assistance Advisory Committee on August 5 endorsed City Council Resolution No

Blog - July 25, 2014

What Do You Say, First Filing Day?

On July 15, the first filing day for the 2017 election cycle, 19 candidates filed a total of $778,764 in contributions with the CFB

Blog - July 15, 2014

First #FilingDay (of 2017)

The first candidate disclosure statements for the 2017 elections are in

Blog - July 15, 2014

#CelebrateYourVote in Prospect Park

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964, NYC Votes joined Celebrate Brooklyn last Friday for a special voting rights concert, entitled “

Blog - July 14, 2014

Board Actions (June-July 2014)

Violations and Penalties

Blog - July 11, 2014

Later, Late Disclosures!

With the first filing deadline for the 2017 election cycle coming Tuesday, now is a great time to reflect on how much more effective candidates have been at filing disclosure statements on time

Blog - July 09, 2014

Candidate Prep: First Filing Deadline of 2017

Although it seems that the 2013 elections are barely finished, the CFB and candidates are gearing up for the first disclosure deadline of the 2017 election cycle

Blog - July 08, 2014

Welcome to the new Full Disclosure!

Readers of Full Disclosure know that it’s one of the best ways to keep up-to-date with the work of the CFB and news about New York City’s landmark public financing program